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 Environmental Consulting

With vast experience of more than 7 years in the environmentl works, we ensure that the client maintains an appropriate measure of comliance together with environmental regulations 

Total Waste Management

Armed with various successful waste management projects, we become specialize in documentation, handling, packaging, labelling, transportation and disposal of Schedule Waste, Solid Waste and Industrial Waste.

Wastewater Treatment

In our venture to create seamless integration between the enviroment and industry, we understand your challenges and identify a solution to treat wastewater that is produced by industrial product or commercial activities. The treated industrial wastewater (effluent) may be reused or released to a sanitary sewer or to a surface water in the environment.  We offer the best available treatment alternative to meet clients' goal.

Environmental Monitoring Program

In conjuction to fulfil environmental regulations, the quality of environment need to be monitor.  The program is conduct ro assess certain pollution extent, collecting data for modelling study that covers all aspect in environmental quality regulations.  The results will be characterized, analyzed and justified statistically as a reference for other environmental works.

Environmental Auditing

Increasing numbers of industry in the country shows  significant challenge in the monitoring of compliance to the environmental regulations only. Thus, as the name implies, environmental audits are intended to evaluate the site's or company's compliance status to environmental regulatory requirements, environmental management system and overall environmental risk of premises conducted by Environmental Auditor.  Apart form compliance audit, we also provides Green Industries Auditing (Cleaner Production)

Air Pollution Control System (APCS)

An effect APCS is vital in today's industrial prospect because of secure compliance standards, tight enforcement and strengthen community pressure.  Therefore, we can design and built APCS that fits your needs and find the solution for your organization as well as reduce air pollution.

 Tank Cleaning Management

Backed by our highly trained technical team, we provide systematic, risk-free and price effective tank cleaning and waste removal services.  It should be part of any industrial plant to conduct periodically storage cleaning in order to prevent built-up of contamonants, blockage and corrosion.  We convey our works from all type of tank cleaning operations, desludging, handling, packaging and transporting schedule waste to recovery facility to be treated. 

Bio Organic Fertilizer

An 'eco-friendly' bio organic fertilizer produce from natural and non-toxic substance.  Acting as 'organic plant booster' for improving crop productivity and yield.  Harmless to animals and livestock, no negative  side effects if overused, maximize plant nutrient absorption and improve soil structure.

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